The Golf Ball Bomber is an specialized air powered CANNON that blasts a special golf ball up to 400 yards! It is the highlight of all golf outings across the nation!


Schedule & book us using our Book Now form below. If there is no availability on the day of your event, call us! We will find a way to be at your event!


One of our SUREBET Golf Outing Specialists will coordinate with you and your event planning team on how the contest will be set-up and then with the golf course to choose the hole and set-up needs. Many people also sell a sponsorship to help cover the costs of the bomber, we have seen people sell this sponsorship for $5,000!


Day of your event: Our staff shows up with the golf ball bomber, special golf balls, and air tanks, set-up on a short par 4 and run the event all day for you! Having us on site to run the event insures everyone is safe. This also makes for a great picture opportunity for each of the groups!


Finally enjoy all the raving reviews from your participants, collect all the money raised from our staff (if necessary), tell your friends about us, and be sure to book us for next event!

Why Work With Us?

Our team will do what it takes to make your life as a planner easier. We pride ourselves in our hard work and will make sure you are helped every step of the way. We send a team member to your event, set up a tent and table, and then we run the hole with the Bombers for you. If you add The Golf Ball Bomber, you won’t be disappointed as it’s often the highlight of every event.

What does the Bomber cost?

One full day, at an outing with 144 players or less is $749 (includes up to 150 miles round trip, after that, additional fees/expenses will apply. Get in touch for a custom price proposal if this is the case). Ask us about some of our other creative pricing and package options with Signs, Banners, Flags and other contests to get the bomber packaged with your other outing needs for a discounted rate!


Every player wanted to sign up for next year’s event because of the Bomber!

Jeff Redman, Event Planner


Our team at SUREBET Prize Company is devoted to helping make your Golf Outing a big success. We specialize in big prize contest insurance, hole-in-one insurance, creating customizable signs, banners, pin flags, and giveaway items, along with Event Registration websites. We have worked with thousands of outings and have given over $30 Million away in prize money. The Golf Ball Bomber is a service we have recently added and have found customers raving about it, which fits right into our mission of making your event a success. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and someone on our team would be happy to assist you.